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If you are one of those people with one of those needs then we are one of those organizations with one of those needs to put your story up for the world to see. We want the world to hear all about your "DAMNIT!" situations and want to be therapeutic for you as well. Release all of those pent up frustrations, worries, and good old negative energy. Forget meditation, that's people who want to forget about their feelings...we want you to really deal with them. The mission is to help you release your DAMNIT needs. You need DAMNIT.COM and DAMNIT.COM needs you!

Give us your stories!
See your "Pessimistic Words" in print!
Don't hold back let it rip!

Here @ damnit.com, you can:

   1. Damn your Boss

   2. Damn your Significant other

   3. Damn your Boss for being with your Significant Other

   4. Damn Saddam

   5. Damn Anything You Feel Like!

We need you and your HARD LUCK stories to help others like you get through the day!

Remember: MISERY LOVES COMPANY and we love you so send in your STUFF and we'll see what you've got.

Wouldn't you like to say damnit to your boss... Well don't say it at work (or you'll be posting to DAMN the unemployment line) but you can say it here! Do you get treated like crap at work? Have you ever felt like turning your boss into SUGAR CUBES or is that too good for them? DON'T BE SHY... Share your FRUSTRATIONS about that JERK with your fellow man or just share them with us and we will share them with the rest of the world. Take a chance...Who Knows?? Maybe you'll introduce a whole new form on the job behavior. You could be as famous as the individual who first started using first names in the work place!

Go Ahead...tell the world about it.

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